• The Live Rhythm Game •

Try something fresh and fun with your family, friends or colleagues! Make music, be a rockstar for an hour and experience the FLOW!

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So, What is BeatOrbit?

Some say it’s social drumming, some say interactive cinema or drum karaoke. What we know for sure: BeatOrbit is an innovative and unique form of recreation where you can playfully release stress. In other words: you recharge via making music. Not faking music. Making music!


You say you have never touched a musical instrument before? Or have doubts about your talent? Don’t fret! That’s the point!

We’ve built BeatOrbit for the rest of us who never even tried making a beat before. The whole thing is designed to wake up your ancient rhythm skills. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve by the end of a 60-minute session.

The experience is built for groups: max 6 people may enter one hexagon-shaped drum studio. We have four such studios, all equipped with concert-grade audio and 360° panorama projection inside. You get visual help for learning the basics, then you have the chance to immerse in the audiovisual ocean and try drumming full songs in a variety of genres.


Most importantly: you need to put aside all the preconceptions of how seasoned (or un-seasoned) musician you are. BeatOrbit’s mission is to reveal an ancient instinct we all carry inside, to wake up to a secret flow experience we regularly had while drumming around the fire ages ago.

1. First things first: form a team

BeatOrbit is a community experience in the first place, so find some friends, colleagues or family members to join you. This time you don’t invite them to cinema, but to a unique & fun drumming session.

2. No prerequisites, no worries

You don’t need any musical talent or special equipment to try BeatOrbit. Again: just pretend and dress like you are going to the cinema, but this time you’ll watch the screen with drumsticks in your hands. Don’t worry: the less experience you have in making music, the better. Trust us, it will be tremendous fun.

3. Enter The Hexagon

The 1-hour experience happens inside a professionally built, sound-proof, hexagon-shaped room. Maximum 6 fellows will sit around a special desk, with 2 drum pads for each person. You receive visual help to warm up and get into real drumming swiftly. Then the rest of the 60 minutes will just disappear!


Our drumming hexagons are built with professional acoustics

and sound-proofing, just like a real music studio. Just the mere look-and-feel of the interior is worth a visit!


BeatOrbit’s first sessions are built for small groups (up to 6 people) and provide a perfect recreation activity for various events. Currently the minimum age limit is 10 and our staff is happy to help with choosing the right session for your team after booking.

Friends & Families

BeatOrbit is a perfect and fresh substitute for many well-known recreational activities, let it be cinema, theatre, karaoke bars or room escape games. Surprise your friends with something new!

Team Bondings

If you are tired of treasure hunts, laser tags, gokart rides or paintball fields, BeatOrbit is here to amaze workplaces too: let it be a small family venture or a big corporate, your colleagues will definitely enjoy the playful flow of drumming together!

Special Events

If you are planning a birthday gathering, a hen-do / stag-do programme, a company celebration or organizing blind dates for prospective couples … BeatOrbit is az an amazing platform to spice up the menu.


“BeatOrbit is a remarkable form of entertainment that effectively combines elements of virtual reality and live musical performance. Musicians have long pondered how to bridge the gap between serious music-making — which one can only take part in with musical training — and passive listening. BeatOrbit is a unique solution to this question, immersing and actively engaging participants in a kind of musical performance that would otherwise be the domain of a professional. With an intelligent hardware and adaptive software design, BeatOrbit promises to be an addictive musical and physical experience, satisfying both seasoned performers and those with no prior musical training. Its musical applications are virtually endless, with the flexibility to adjust content for genre, complexity, instrumentation and cultural/geographic context.”

Nicolas Namoradze, Winner of the 2018 Honens International Piano Competition

Pianist and Composer, Adjunct Professor Queens University, New York

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