An Ancient and Fun Way To (Re)Unite People


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Experience for Families and Friends!

If you like Escape Games, you will LOVE BeatOrbit:

It delivers Group Flow by making music. You can walk into BeatOrbit with no music skills and leave Relaxed and Happy

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Family oriented. Escape games ultimately aren’t for everyone. Sometimes they contain scary themes, and some of their concepts are several years old. If you’re an avid escape room attendee, it can be hard finding new, original games. BeatOrbit, on the other hand, contains nothing scary. It’s family-friendly, always unique, and safe for all ages.

Stress levels. While they may seem innocent, escape games can heighten stress levels if the game is too difficult. If you suffer from anxiety, doing something with a time constraint may not be your idea of a fun, relaxing activity. BeatOrbit has the opposite effect. It relieves both stress and anxiety.

Health Benefits. Drumming has proven health benefits, and BeatOrbit capitalizes on that. BeatOrbit occupies your body and mind, and it has the same effect on your body as working out. It releases endorphins into your system and helps regulate your blood pressure. The benefits of escape games, unfortunately, are not well-researched.




It promotes communication and team building

Team building activities aren’t just for coworkers and businesses, your family and friends are a team, too! If you’re interested in connecting with your loved ones on a deeper level and developing better communication skills, BeatOrbit is the place to go. Unlike some escape games in London, BeatOrbit is perfect for all ages, from children to adults – Looking for unique things to do in London? Look no further!

It relieves stress

Drumming has so many benefits, including relieving stress and releasing endorphins into your bloodstream. In your day to day life, hitting things is generally frowned upon, but at BeatOrbit, it’s exactly what we want you to do. A few hours at BeatOrbit, and you’ll leave with lower anxiety levels and a lower blood pressure, too.

It’s new and refreshing

There are plenty of tried and true options for outings, such as movies, the museum, or escape rooms, but if you’ve already cycled through them and you’re looking for a fresh experience, BeatOrbit has you covered.

It helps you release creative energy

You don’t get many chances to be creative at a 9-to-5 workplace, and you may not feel all that creative in the first place, but BeatOrbit can help you pull out your inner musician, and you don’t even need prior music experience! Don’t shy away from this experience just because you don’t know the first thing about music. After a day of playing, you’ll be making music like a rock star.

It’s a work-out

It can be a little deceptive at first, but playing the drums is an exercise in itself, and it can help you reach a natural high. If you have mobility issues or running isn’t really your idea of a fun work-out activity, try an afternoon of drumming instead. By the time you leave, you will be full of endorphins and ready for some relaxation.

It’s fun

Let’s face it, drumming is just good ol’ fashioned fun. BeatOrbit is the perfect day outing for all ages, for families, friends, and co-workers. Whatever reason you’re looking for an outing, everyone is guaranteed to enjoy the BeatOrbit experience, because music and teamwork naturally brings people together.