Accessibility Information


Wheelchair users and guests with restricted mobility: two of our game rooms are accessible without stairs, and you can join the experience with both wheelchairs and crutches. Hand and shoulder mobility is important for holding and using the drumsticks. To make sure you reserve the right drum room, please let us know your accessibility request when booking.

Hearing impaired guests: BeatOrbit is a full body experience, where the music volume and the resonation of drums may provide recreation even for hearing impaired guests. Also, we provide subtitles for the gaming instrucions. The only completely restricting factor would be 100% hearing loss, but to be fair: we haven’t yet tested the sessions with players having 100% hearing loss. Please feel free to let us know if you have an adventurous team to test drive this and we would be happy to provide a special coupon for this occasion.

Sight impaired guests: We are working on a solution for providing a higher contrast UI for sight impaired players, but at the moment it is not available yet. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Guest with photosensitive epilepsy: The 60 minute video content of the BeatOrbit experience contains 95% slow-motion videos, but there are some parts (like the flashy initial main title or some rock-n-roll elements), where the videos may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Because of this, viewer discretion is advised.

Claustrophobia: The drum rooms are spacious enough to sit comfortably with 6 people around a special desk and there were no reports of any claustrophobic problem so far. In case you feel uncomfortable during the game, you can leave the space at any time, the doors are always open.

Back pain: we provide a comfortable version of drumming chairs for the BeatOrbit sessions (with backrest and pneumatic height adjustment), but you can let us know at the reception if you need an office chair with bigger backrest and we can provide that too.


We aim to reach everyone with our website, so please feel free to let us know via our contact form, if you or any of your relatives / friends have difficulties reading our website and we make our best to constantly improve the site for everyone.

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