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BeatOrbit versus Escape Games: Creating a new Genre of Active Entertainment

First appearing around 2012, escape rooms have become a global craze for a variety of reasons. People love them because they’re more fun than simple video games, they feed into our natural, human curiosity, and they allow us to work as a team with our family members, friends, or co-workers. However, escape games aren’t the only type of active entertainment.

After several years of running a successful escape game in London, the founders branched off into an evolved type of active entertainment: BeatOrbit.

BeatOrbit is similar to live escape rooms because they are both active entertainment games, and they both promote team-building exercises.

Despite these two similarities, they have many differences. Let’s compare them.

BeatOrbit versus Escape Games

Family oriented. Escape games ultimately aren’t for everyone. Sometimes they contain scary themes, and some of their concepts are several years old. If you’re an avid escape room attendee, it can be hard finding new, original games. BeatOrbit, on the other hand, contains nothing scary. It’s family-friendly, always unique, and safe for all ages.

Stress levels. While they may seem innocent, escape games can heighten stress levels if the game is too difficult. If you suffer from anxiety, doing something with a time constraint may not be your idea of a fun, relaxing activity. BeatOrbit has the opposite effect. It relieves both stress and anxiety.

Health Benefits. Drumming has proven health benefits, and BeatOrbit capitalizes on that. BeatOrbit occupies your body and mind, and it has the same effect on your body as working out. It releases endorphins into your system and helps regulate your blood pressure. The benefits of escape games, unfortunately, are not well-researched.

BeatOrbit delivers group flow in a different way. It delivers it by making music. For £25, you can walk into the BeatOrbit studio with no music skills and leave relaxed, confident, and happy.

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