1. First, grab your family or up to five of your friends and book your BeatOrbit Experience!
  2. Upon arrival, the super-friendly staff will give you a brief introduction to BeatOrbit. Just a little warm-up to be ready for the fun!
  3. Have you been on a spaceship yet? Once you are in The BeatOrbit Studi, you’ll get a quick primer on how to use the two drumming pads on your special desk…
  4. …curtesy of the screens in front of you. 360 degree projected visuals will guide you through the fully-immersive experience.
  5. All you need to do is to follow the dots  – and hit the drum pad once the dots reach the bottom of the screen. Concert-grade audio will make the experience fully immersive.
  6. BeatOrbit is designed as a fun and competitive team building game, but don’t worry – at BeatOrbit everyone wins 😉
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