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So, you’ve landed yourself with the task of finding the ideal place for your company Christmas party. We get it; it’s tough, you can’t please everyone.

But, we think we might be able to help.

BeatOrbit is the answer – the never before seen experience that will have everyone in the office drumming their hearts out against each other for the top score.

As an exciting competitive game that’s a proven releaser of powerful endorphins – not to mention the defeater of that deadly enemy, stress – BeatOrbit is designed to be an energetic play space for all. It’s perfect for a work night out; be it the big summer bash, the Christmas do, or just because you want to treat the office to something truly team-building.

But how does it work?

Well, it’s simple really. Each of BeatOrbit’s four separate hexagonal music studios contains enough drum sets for up to six people, each one surrounded by a 360-degree visual projection for a truly immersive experience. Think bright lights, big sounds, and a whole load of infectious energy.

To play (and win), you have to follow the instructions projected up onto your screen, drumming along to your tracks, getting points for every time you hit the mark. We think of it like a more modern, more energetic, more exciting take on the dance mat – albeit with some much tenser moments, without that 90s haircut, and with enough laughs for the entire team.

We’ve got a huge range of music genres – from grime… to rap… to rock’n’roll – which means there’s quite literally something for everyone to groove along to. Plus, with our high level professional acoustics and sound-proofing in every one of our studios, your team will be hard pushed to resist getting absorbed into the tracks created especially for your experience.

Just remember: drumming is not just physically beneficial for your team – it’s mentally positive, too. BeatOrbit allows people to connect the rhythm of their body with the release of positive energy. We think of it like a body workout and a brain workout all wrapped into one,
drawing on the most ancient of our primal instincts to let your busy staff members de-stress and have a huge amount of fun.

So, boss, we’ll see you centre stage?

Get ready to #ReleaseYourFire

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