To coincide with World Mental Health Day 2019, Harry Judd worked with BeatOrbit to champion alternative ways to improve mental health through music.

Having experienced his own battles with anxiety and panic attacks during his time with McFly, Harry has become a passionate advocate for mental health, believing that taking care of our mental health is no different to taking care of our physical health.

Drumming is an accessible wellness activity for everyone; and research suggests that it has emotional benefits such as helping to reduce anxiety and even lower blood pressure.


Harry Judd, McFly star, drummer and author of ‘Get Fit Get Happy’

BeatOrbit allows people to connect the rhythm of their body with the release of positive energy. We think of it like a body workout and a brain workout all wrapped into one, drawing on the most ancient of our primal instincts to let you  de-stress and have a huge amount of fun.

But don’t worry, BeatOrbit isn’t just for drumming pros like Harry Judd, it’s just as fun if you’re a first-time drummer.

What are you waiting for? Book your BeatOrbit session today and #ReleaseYourFire ?


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