BeatOrbit - The Guitar Hero of Social Drumming

“BeatOrbit is a competitive combination of karaoke and guitar hero, and it is always a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.”

Are you looking for the perfect corporate team building activity, but you’re tired of the old options? Developed by the owners of a successful escape game franchise, BeatOrbit is the perfect experience for your team.

BeatOrbit is a competitive combination of karaoke and guitar hero, and it is always a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Here are three reasons why BeatOrbit is an amazing corporate team building game.

Why is BeatOrbit the Perfect Gift for Your Team?

  1. It promotes bonding and healthy competition. The ideal teamwork game is something that combines a unique activity and a group setting. BeatOrbit accomplishes that. Drumming has always been a bonding activity, but BeatOrbit takes classic circle drumming and mixes it with guitar hero, developing a perfect indoor team building game for families, friends, and corporations.
  2. Drumming relieves stress. When you’re looking at a team building game for the office, you want everyone to be able to enjoy it. While escape rooms are fantastic exercises, they don’t have the positive health qualities that drumming has been proven to have. Drumming lowers stress and releases endorphins, so it’s ideal for a corporate day out.
  3. It’s a fresh, always unique experience. The best part about BeatOrbit is that it never gets old. If you’re looking to make team building days a staple in your corporation, you should offer a unique experience every time. While escape rooms and in-office team-building games can get stale, BeatOrbit will always offer a fresh experience, because the experience is dependent on the players.

BeatOrbit is the team-building experience of a lifetime, and if you’re looking for a team-building activity in London, drop into the BeatOrbit Studio! BeatOrbit is perfect for all ages, especially for teens and adults, and it doesn’t require any prior music experience. With competitive pricing based on your group size, BeatOrbit’s social drumming experience is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

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