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Use code “BYEBYE2019” to get 22.22% off!

London's NEW Favourite Experience

The Guitar Hero of Social Drumming

Escape games brought old PC and console games to life, and now BeatOrbit is doing the same with rhythm games

Multiplayer rhythm games have been around for decades, but there has been nothing as interactive and immersive as BeatOrbit.

Just like how escape games climbed out of our screens and turned into real-life team-building exercises, BeatOrbit is doing the same in a different genre.

Let’s look at the history of rhythm games.

Rhythm Games: From the Screen to Real Life

Dance Dance Revolution. Pioneering from Japan and released in 1998, DDR was one of the most successful interactive rhythm games. Played with a pad on the floor and with your whole body, this game burns more calories than walking on a treadmill and increases energy expenditure when compared with a traditional video game.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band. These two games were based on a Japanese rhythm game called Guitar Freaks. Released in the 2000s, both of these games add a team-work component to the interactive game.

Tap Tap and Tap Tap Revenge. The Tap Tap franchise was released for mobile games in the late 2000s and has a similar format to Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero. This franchise generated over 15 million downloads, receiving a Guinness World Record for the most popular iPhone game series.

BeatOrbit. This is the newest form of rhythm gaming. While most titles are going in the direction of virtual reality and augmented reality, BeatOrbit is going in the opposite direction. Rooted in human connections, vibrations, and a physical full-body experience, BeatOrbit combines team-building with making music for an immersive drumming experience that has proven health benefits, including relieving stress and lowering blood pressure.

If you’ve always enjoyed rhythm games and you’re looking for a fun, new activity in the London area, visit the BeatOrbit studio for a one-of-a-kind experience. Called a mashup between karaoke and drum circles, this interactive rhythm game is perfect for all ages.



You can reserve your tickets for BeatOrbit by choosing an option below. Our high-tech, hexagon-shaped drumming studios fit max 6 people at a time. In case you buy less than 6 tickets, additional players may be added to your game (up to six players per game). If you’d like to make sure noone else plays with your team, buy 6 tickets for your family, friends or colleagues.

Book for One - "Rambo Mode"

If you feel like playing Rambo and do it all alone, go for it! BeatOrbit is tremendous fun for £24.9! Also, please note, that BeatOrbit is primarily designed for teams, so next time gather your friends or loved ones to share the experience! Price: £24.9

Book For Two - "PAIRING MODE"

First date, second date or blind date? Or just a regular day out with a good old friend? BeatOrbit is a unique and fun way to (re)connect via making music. Explore the benefits or our new live rhythm game with your friends. Price: £49

Book For Four - "Critical Mass Mode"

The bigger the the team, the bigger the fun gets! Should it be a family day out or true stress release session with your colleagues, BeatOrbit won't dissappoint! Just check our raving reviewsPrice: £99

Book For Six - "ALL IN MODE"

A perfect circle of 6 people, drumming together in a perfect hexagon shaped music studio. Immerse yourself in this magical flow experience! Book your tickets today and reach your natural high! Price: £149


Five stars on Google and Tripadvisor ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

While BeatOrbit is still a new discovery for Londoners, the number of our raving reviews are just growing and growing every day. You can have a sneak peak here and book your game today.


Email, Phone, Address, opening times

BeatOrbit's first location is in London (Camden Town). Feel free to reach us via email, phone (during opening hours), social media, walk-in or traditional post.

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BeatOrbit London


Majority of our slots are booked online in advance. Drop-in sessions are subject to availability.


Wednesday – Friday
14:00 – 21:00


14:00 - 21:00


Phone (during opening hours)

+(44) 207 482 7290



THE STUDIO, 38 Georgiana Street
NW1 0EB,  London, UK

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