Tickets available from £25 pp

(Prices are inclusive of VAT and transaction fees.)

You can reserve your tickets for BeatOrbit by clicking the Book Now button below. Our high-tech, hexagon-shaped drumming studios fit max 6 people at a time. In case you buy 1-5 tickets, additional players may be added to your game (up to six players per game). If you’d like to make sure noone else plays with your team, buy 6 tickets for your family, friends or colleagues. You can change quanitites after clicking the Book Now button.

Buy as Printable Gift Card 🎁

In case you’d like to buy the BeatOrbit Experience as a gift for friends and family members, click the ‘Buy Now’ button below. You’ll receive a Printable Gift Card with voucher codes. On the next screen you can select the number of players you’d like to buy the card for.


120 (S)MILES / DAY

Session information

  • The net game time is 60 minutes.
  • Currently the minimum age limit is 10 (with adult supervision), or 16 if no adults play in the room.
  • Please be on time and allow 80 minutes for the whole experience (with warmup, intro & outro).
  • Maximum 6 participants can enter one drum room at a time.
  • You don’t need any musical talent or special equipment to try BeatOrbit.
  • There is no dress code, but ladies please avoid high heels and everyone should expect light movements that come naturally with music.
  • Parking spaces are available in a limited amount. Please contact us if you need one for your booking.
  • For accessibility related questions, please refer to our visitor info.